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Photos of Woodrow Wilson High School in the 1970's

End of Year Senior Class Hijinks

The Seniors kept the tradition of decorating the campus on the last day of school.


Senior Class Officers - 1974

Senior Class Officers - 1974

Senior Senators, left to right:
Sitting: Terry Kasemier, Melanie Kosin, Mike Graham (President), Sue Schutts, Jaynee Grout, Laura Quinn.

Standing: Denise Kalinski, Rocky Botts and Lisa Langlow.


1974 Wilson Nova Yearbook Album

The full Senior Class of 1974 Senior Portraits are now posted on Facebook!

Click the image to visit the photo gallery on Facebook!


Artist's Rendering of Wilson High School, 1956

The year most of us were born, Wilson was a gleam in the eye of architects. This artist rendering shows what the school would look like, a few years later.

Note the proposed auditorium looks much different than the actual one built in the early 1970's.


Seniors Get Rowdy!

Class of 74 at a pep rally in the gym.


Wilson High School Daffodil Queen - Lori Weber

In 1974, Wilson had the honor of being the school whose Daffodil Princess was chosen as Daffodil Queen, Lori Weber.

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